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Truhlárna Kokořín

Gallery / Art

Truhlárna (Cabinet maker’s shop) is a multifunctional room, in which we will periodically prepare for you a mosaic of cultural, creative, social and educational programs. You can choose from our offer of concerts, theatre plays, exhibitions, expositions and lectures, or even think up something for yourselves and organize an event for your loved ones, business partners or work friends. Truhlárna is always available for you.



Your very own event at the Truhlárna

Think of your own event in our place. The facilities of Truhlárna are available for organizing of:

  • Corporate events in non-traditional environment,
  • Family celebrations,
  • Meetings for friend’s birthday,
  • Creative workshops,
  • Lectures,
  • Concerts
  • Exhibitions.

Available is the basic technical equipment (data projector, screen, audio and computer technology), piano, catering.


The permanent exhibition „The village“

Maybe you got rid of some of our forefather’s machinery which we are actually showing.  Can you guess the original use of it?

truhlarna vystava





















Restaurant & Gallery Truhlárna
Kokořín 171


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